Wellness Services

Industrial Physical Therapy Services

Wellness is Our Middle Name

IWR Therapy Systems has established excellence in Industrial Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy over the past 25 years. We have 2 locations in the area at Brookley Field and in Semmes. In order to better serve the industries and the people of this great community we are now expanding our services to include a comprehensive and personalized Wellness Program.

IWR will be your one stop clinic for Industrial, Wellness and Rehab because "WELLNESS" is our middle name.

For more information contact us at 251.433.1414

Industrial Physical Therapy Services

Forever Strong, Forever Young

Love yourself at any age with wellness available for all ages. The obesity epidemic is dramatically increasing along with health related diseases. There are over 60 known diseases associated with obesity! You have the power and the control over your life and your destiny with our personalized approach to personal fitness.

Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists and Athletic Trainers available for a personalized approach to fitness. Accomplish your goals in the quickest time possible. Group programs are also available to help encourage and increase accountability.

Wellness Physical Therapy Services

On-Site Programs for Industry

Is the high cost of healthcare causing your profits to come to a grinding halt? Decrease the cost of healthcare premiums, workman's comp premiums, and sick leave while increasing your employee's productivity and health. On-Site consultations in order to create a personalized custom plan to meet each employer's need.